SKY Issue and advice please

The only way to fix the problem with Sky latency is to get them to send you a new router, this doesnt have the new firmware on and works fine.

However I am going to sack sky and go either to Virgin or BT, following their poor handling of the problem

Which would people recommend?

I searched Technical Support for Sky, I got 731 results.
I searched Technical Support for BT, I got 1,819 results.
I searched Technical Support for Virgin, I got 3,876 results.

Its not the most scientific of tests, perhaps, but its certainly worth looking at. I can say as a Technical Support MVP that the above doesnt surprise me at all. Virgin Hubs are garbage, and BT customer support is worse. As much as itll sound like Im being paid to say this, if I were you Id stick with Sky.

If you dont believe me, do the searches yourself.

Ive sky and over the last few days my latency has been high in cities, spiking every so often. Are you saying this is a recent thing, and unsolvable?

No Im not saying its unsolvable. Im saying its up to Sky to fix.

Thats what I meant. Hum, so its definitely something sky related then?

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