what can i do i to remove or disable the yellow honor kill HK text in battelgrounds ?

cuz using 3 screens makes the HK text 3 times huge and disatracting to look at..i tryed to change fonts and use differents addons but this Honor text seems to be damm persistant !

I tryed to use xdamagefont that removes the xp text but then the yellow honor kill text becomes yellow squares that pops up and fades away instead of showing the text.

So my options is to have yellow squares or huge hk text pop up :/

I have unchecked all floating combat text but still i see the HK inbuild KH text

eyefinity is like haveing a realy wide screen only spread across 3 screens and each one is set like
/ (well less closed a bit more open but i cant find a more gradual line


what is the actual point cause dont you get the lines of the sides of the screen messing your veiw up?anyway onto the topic: by hk text you mean the text that pops up saying stuff like HK: private?
as far as i am away you cant turn it off :/

Its in floating combat text.

interface/floating combat text/honor kills

Do you mean the honor gain when killing a player? There should be a checkbox in Interface options -> Floating Combat Text -> My Floating Combat Text for Honorable Kills. Have you turned this off?

Incidentally, there are other floating combat texts appearing on the screen that would likely also be affected by this resolution business. Assuming the default Blizzard interface dont allow much wiggle room in this, may I suggest you use a 3rd party addon for floating combat text and setting everything up just the way you like it?

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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