Random GM responce to my question (Alarming)

Hi I posted a GM ticket yesterday as my FPS was sometimes capping at 30fps and then going away and I had no Idea So I sent a ticket to the gm containing this

When in combat sometimes my FPS gets capped at 30 fps and it takes a little while for it to re-gain to 60 fps this only seems to happen in combat or when I move quick and it caps at 30

Now my speccs are

GTX 560 TI
I5 2500K

aall stocked clocked and up to date drivers I am only running 2 screens and running direct x 11

My settings in WoW are everything ultra exept wow shadows and the water on good and sunshafts are disabled

Any help

Now the responce I got was

Greetings Matthew,

Thank you for contacting Blizzard regarding the removal of the Battle.net Authenticator. We have now removed the Authenticator from your account as requested. Please note that following this action the authenticator bound Corehound pet is no longer available on your Battle.net account.

Your password has also been reset and you will receive further details in a separate e-mail. This mail will be sent from Этот e-mail адрес защищен от спам-ботов, для его просмотра у Вас должен быть включен Javascript . If you cant locate your password, please make sure to add Этот e-mail адрес защищен от спам-ботов, для его просмотра у Вас должен быть включен Javascript to your contact list (and check your junk/spam folder. This can most easily be achieved by sending a blank mail to that address, which automatically ensures future mails will be accepted and put in your inbox.

Upon adding an authenticator again to your Battle.net account, all characters on the account will be re-issued with the ingame Corehound pet.

For further information regarding the Battle.net Authenticator, please visit the following links:

What the hell just happened blizz?

Hehe sounds like a mix up man, gm probably sent someone else your response in relation to fps settings.. the authenticator guy is probably like WTF D:

Nout to worry aboot, you can always reopen it again. Can happen, simple human.gnome error.

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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