Are you serious blizzard?

Okay, so currently this is the state of the game, retards get more and more of what they want, i can live with this, it makes the grind less hard but kind of takes alot of achievement out of the game, but the current problem i have with the game is the CONSTANT disconnects when running into a wall, my favorite thing before an arena was jumping into the walls, the other day i actually got feared into a d/c wall in arena. Second of all, arena team bug outs, cannot leave, invite or add members nor can i check the actual rating of the team. I dont know how much more of this crap i can put up with. I am utterly disappointed with the constant decline in the game. This better be fixed before MoP or i will NOT be buying your next expansion I am literally fed up of the game being constantly broken. I understand its hard to fix however you get more than enough money to pay workers over-time to fix all these damn problems. Im a 5 year long subscriber and ive never hated the game more than i have lately. Fix it before more people begin feeling the same as me. I think this post will probably be ignored, and there will be a few flamers. Hopefully most will agree this stuff is acceptable in alpha/beta but not in a live game which millions of people pay monthly to play. Sort it out.

Feedback goes in General Discussion, not Technical Support. :

This isnt feedback, this is genuine ask for technical support. Its actually an out-cry for a bug to be fixed. If i was giving them feedback it would be alot longer and alot more vicious.

The posters in Technical Support are not the people who work on fixing in-game issues such as the ones you reference above. If you would like your message to reach those who do, please post in General Discussion so that your post will be seen by Community Managers instead of Support Agents.

Thank you.

Im not posting it in general discussion, it is not a subject of which that is general. Who the hell gave you MVP and why?

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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