Gilneas and Firefox = </3 ?


Firefox is open. BG queue pops, I enter and its gilneas. Computer freezes and I have to reboot

BG queue pops, I enter and its gilneas. Halfway through I open Firefox and computer freezes, have to reboot.

No firefox, works fine

When I say computer freezes, I mean firstly wow freezes.
Say I have Skype and youtube open. They will keep working briefly, however unable to hear me. At this point, seems no new hardware input is registered.
A few seconds later youtube will cease working. So after around 5 seconds or so, everything stops.

What is likely to be the problem? :

I should also add this is not a new problem, and I started noticing it about 3 months into cataclysm.

WoW is playing from a SSD, Firefox from HDD

Hi there,

Can you please try to run them when Windows is in a Selective Startup and see if you continue to get this issue there:

Also make sure that your Windows installation is up to date from here:

Just finished peforming these tasks.

Im fully updated, and have just played a game during a selective startup

Problem still occurs


FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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