Possible to enter from two computers?

I have a problem. I could freely enter the game from pc but after that i tried on my laptop and got a message that my account is locked and i need to change my password if i want to continue using my account. Will that happen always? Is there a way to dissable it? Because i cant be at home all the time. Thank you.


I have one of two PCs I play WoW on and I flip between the two without any real issues. Im never logged on - or trying to log on - to both at once mind. Also, I sometimes get the resolution reset as both machines run using different graphical settings. Other than that though, its fine.

I think what we cannot do is log onto two PCs at once each with a different character at the same time...I think Bliz would want a second subscriptio to enable that. Im sure someone will post with further details...


Where was your laptop?

If it was accessing the internet in the same building using the same internet connection, then this puzzles me. However, if you were somewhere else, then I could explain exactly what happened.

Good point Doomsinger. I meant to clarify that both my PCs are connected to the same router so my connections will appear to be coming from the same IP address. Saying that, my IP address is dynamic so it will often change between session - not caused me a problem yet though.


Theres tolerance for dynamic IP addresses. Theyre more interested in some guy from China suddenly accessing your account than another IP address from the same city.

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