Why yu so greedy?!

So, yeah. I copy-pasted my brothers appeal. Which seemingly got cancelled even though he put damn alot time on it, was really sorry. He sent his whole ticket to me, which you just automatically cancel. Isnt there damn common sense in Blizzard? Ill soon damn end this game aswell.. So, here it goes.

Account penalty

So. Yeah, couple time Ive sent an appeal already. And now I find the best time, which is the best time for you aswell to think of my account penalty once again. Due to the huge subscriber loss of your game. Think is, I havent played this game for 4 months now, and I got banned over trolling. Can you imagine, trolling? Where most people get banned of using hacks and third party programs. I got banned for trolling, for as simple as jumping amongst RPers what they found distractive, multiple times. I did not ERP, I did not tell people to kill themselves or such. I was just simply, trolling. If you want to keep some of your subscribers, please. I want you to think of this penalty once again. As youve criminalized my act multiple times. Acts that were not against EULA. But against the simple RP-realm rules. Secondly, youve told me to create yet another account after this. Do you understand how hard it is to pay for all the expansions, being a college student? Maybe some of you do, but most of you might be hard working people. With a job, that is not me. I get my weekly cash, that is barely enough for my food. How do you think that I would afford paying second pack of expansions, game. And the time, and the game-time Ive put on this account? In no way. There is no way. I wish to get this account back. Even though it might be impossible for you, but not for me. Ive learned my lesson now, being off for 4 months from a game that I love so much amongst all the other games.Its not option for me to leave, and I doubt its an option for Blizzard to let me leave.As you like your gamers, and the money/Financial support they give to you.In future,I might even become a Game Master, til the Golden times of World of Warcraft are,once again brought back by Mist of Pandaria. Whom plains I wish to stroll, and explore on my QuelDorei death knight, that has not taken part of trolling. But being an honorable RPer amongst others.With love,Sami.Also,try to use common sense this time! :

I think Blizzard will get Greed overload now, and ban my account aswell. Telling me to create another one, besides this which is getting probably banned for telling the facts in here. Mheh, go ahead. Lose yet another subscriber.

Just saying. They do not let us to say anything negative about their representatives. But they can tell my brother that he is xenophobic and homophobic. Where is the sense?

Ah well, I brought their representatives up. This thread probably getting closed because of that.. Pfft.

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