Help my game keeps falling out of sync!!!

I made my druid a phew days ago after farming all the looms i am now lvl 42 and my game keeps going out of sync when i join battle grounds! i have 3 end game toons and many twinks and i have never had this problem before im guessing it has something to do with the druid.

- i cant mount in battlegrounds it says you cant do that whilst moving.
- the horde cant see me (i am invisible.
- i cannot attack the horde (it says i am out of range.
- i cannot pick up the flag in battle grounds or return them.
- i cant do anything.............!!!

my game time runs out in two days and the gm ticket says it will be answered in 16 days SO HELP ME! i am not going to continue paying if i am unable to play and obviously i cant wait 16 days for a gm so dont limit your solution to "open a ticket to a gm"


-also when the bg ends i fly all the way back to the grave yard.

Also this has nothing to do with my fire wall or internet connection.

16 days is clearly bugged. In any event, there is no need to continue paying to receive a response; you can log into Account Management and await a response there.

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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