Account Locked*Remote mobile wow

From 17.8.2012, when I use remote mobile wow on my phone i get account locked, I already reset my password twice.I read there is same problem on US realms.

Try to change your password and email, Remember to change your password to something good. Not like password1 or blizzard or 1234567, imheltrazzfert19538 is a good password.
Before you make a new password and email remember to run a virus scan on your computer.

After thats done make a ticket explaining your problem, if no good answer is given call Blizzard customer support.

Good and free Anti-Virus programs:

Make a ticket:

Call customer support:

Did you know that you can use Skype to call our Support for Free?
Simply install Skype on your computer or phone and use it to dial +44 800 0288246. Skype does not charge you for calls to +44 800 numbers even from outside the UK!

Change your password: account recovery:

Hope this helps you out.


Please ignore the above post.

AVG is notorious for getting false positives and preventing you from playing the game.

Thanks for the report, and Ill pass this bug report on.

Same problem here... Im getting bored of unlocking my account, lad.

Im pretty sure there are not account problems, no shared computers, viruses, keyloggers or such. (Im a professional IT technician in RL.

I think this is a problem from last security update, if im login from the same ip adress as my computer, there is no problem.Different ip, like gsm operator is problem.

sorry about my english,

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