Account and GameTime Code bug


Ive stopped playing Wow around 1 year ago. I came back did all patches as it should be. Now when i try to add a Game time Code to my account it says invalid code. I triple checked everyithing. Now the second bug.
If i login with this account on this website it says no Game License found even tho ive bought all up to WotLK. And therefor i cannot see my characters. The only reason i can send this message even tho it says no license found is beceause i took another way to get here. I try to fill in my code then i go to

then i delete a part of the link to

And then i can see my characters and the rest. Could this be fixed ?


Hey Heavykiller.

Could you go straight to and then log in and try add the game card

Ive tried now And it still says invalid code.

In that case you will need to get in touch with our accounts team.

You can find all the contact info at but I would advise actually calling them. The phone lines are quite busy so you may be on hold for a while but they will answer you.

Have the code ready so that they can verify it for you.

edit: Is your account showing on the management page now?

Yes it shows up, Thank you.

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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