Cant change my e-mail adress!

I try to change my e-mail adress, so I press on Change My E-mail adress, I get to see this:
New E-mail adress:
Confirm e-mail adress:
Secret Question answer:

So I enter everything like questioned, and press Confirm.

And it says: Your e-mail adress cannot be your password.

I mean. I ask for a e-mail adress change, not a password change. Pff.

Hey Alaney,

Can you try deleting the cookies and cache from your browser, and try again:

Internet Explorer:
Google Chrome:

It still doesnt work.

I did try Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, it still does the same.

Might be best to contact our account support team then Alaney and have them register the email change for you.

Account Support

The phone lines are quite busy at the moment so you may be on hold for a while but someone will get to your call.

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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