FPS from 60 to 7 then back to 60, any ideas?

Hey ill list my computer spec and what i have done as of now, and hopefully someone will be able to tell me if something is wrong, or wheather i need to replace a part.

Windows 7 64-bit
Amd FX(tm-4100 Quad-Core Processor
8192 Ram
Running DX11
Graphics Card is
-AMD radeon HD 6800 series

As of now, i have ran loads of computer checks for viruses, i have cleaned all my computer and checked that everything is intact.
Re downloaded drivers for my card, unistalled, reinstalled.
Ran my computer in every setup i can think off.

Before i go on, i will say im not a overally confident computer person. Just enough to get by.

This is what happens, ill be playing a game, not just WoW, Ghost recon furture soilder, sc2, LoL etc etc. I run at 60 fps with max settings on all games.
I will instantly drop to around 20 or lower for about a good 10 seconds, and this will happen every 3-4 minutes. Then it will go back to 60 fps. Why i dont know neither do i understand.
This started happening one evening randomly, and has not stopped since. My computer has loads of fans in it, and around it, so it isnt melting. There are no viruses i can find.

I need would like to know if its a part ? Say i need ot replace my card, or maybe something i can do on my computer, if anyone could help i would be very grateful.

Thanks ! Want to get this sorted for Gw2 and MoP :



Do you have programs running in the background like a virus scanner? Some months back a program in the background caused my processor to have a 100% usage spikes which dropped my FPS to 10. I also heard stories about virus scanners that did daily scans which caused a similar effect.

Erm, ill double check but im making sure that i have nothing else running. Thanks!

Any other advice would be brilliant please.

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