Dear blizzard

Dear Blizzard, I am writing you this letter from another In real life friend.
NOTE: This is not me writing this letter, my In real life friend who linked it and wanted me to post it.

I am here to say that you guys have for the 5th time locked my account. And for some idiot reason you guys are doing it again. Thank you for your EXTREAMELY GOOD SUPPORT THAT ARE ONLY LOCKING MY ACCOUNT. This is by far the most retarded thing you guys have ever come up with. I am trying to write you guys a ticket or something, but of course, I need to be logged in. I don’t want to call you guys by the consequence that I might wait for another 5 hours. Please, if I could talk to a Blizzard employer alone. I could give out all my information that could unlock my account. I wish I could show my anger in a better way, but this is the internet. Just to say it, I am devastated over this locking you do over my account once in a week. Please, just give me my money back and let me quit this !@#$ty game, or unlock my account right away.

A REALLY ANGRY WOW GAMER. (Might not even be a wow gamer after this

Deleted by Xtropic

This is probably happening because some one that is not you is accessing your account from another IP address.
For your security run a virus scan and change your email password and password and email and also call Blizzard explaining your problem and be ready to give the account email address and your name assigned to your account and the secret answer to your secret question, also having a World of Warcraft CD-Key will also quick this process up, because if you have that CD-Key your are proofing that you are indeed the owner of the account.
If you do not have a CD-Key then you will probably have to make a new account providing the info that the employee in the phone gives you in a ticket.
And you also have to take a picture of ID in your hand and also writing on a piece of paper: For my World of Warcraft account problem on it beeing constantly locked.

And then you will hopefully have your problem solved and fixed.

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I hope this helped you out on your issue and I was happy to help.


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