World latency 600-2800ms

when i log in i get normal ping
my home is 62
world is 600-2800 (63 normal
i cant play bg,arena or anything
i see the chat but not what i do is like 2-5 sec late.

plz help =(

Try deleting your WTF and Cache folder in the World of Warcraft folder and also looking for out of date addons and updating them.
It can also be because your playing on a server thats long away from your home.
I would also recommend not watching a bunch of videos or music in the background on YouTube and Spotify etc.. because those will take internet.

If the problem persists, Please call Blizzard customer support.

Call Blizzard Support:
Hope this helps you out Ledal.


Are you with Sky Ledal? sounds like the trouble i was having

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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