TempMig taking up space


I was wondering what this folder is about? Its taking up precious space on my SSD where my main wow is on, got a backup on another HDD thats 1TB. I heard also that there will be a 21GB patch. Will this be on top of the current game size of 22GB and make it a whopping 43GB? Or is this a replacement for the current game?

Can I also stop this download safely and run it on my backup wow?

Cheers for the answers

This is data for the next update 5.0, which is pre-Pandaria. Game will be reconfigured to remove unused files. It should be aroung 22 Gb after the patch. If you dont want to download the data before patch day, start it directly from Wow.exe.

Im having this problem too, I have barely any space left and TempMig wont fit on it. Can I just delete the folder and start with Wow.exe?

Anyone tried deleting it?

Itll just be downloaded again, unless you disable that, in which case you get to enjoy downloading it on the day that the patch goes live. :P

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