C:Program Files (x86)World of WarcraftTempMig

Hai there,

My SSD were complaining about having space issues, and i looked at my wow folder which increased in size.. now what is this new folder called TempMig? I figure that its something related to MoP, but why does it takes 7GB of my wow folder? - on that note, as of now, wow is taking 25GB without the folder, how much is that going to increase when MoP goes live?

If its 25GB, then thats quite a few AddOns youve got going on there. It wont increase much in size when MoP goes live. Id guesstimate 5GB, however thats without seeing any data yet.

TempMig is pre-downloaded stuff for Patch 5.0.4, which goes live on the 29th.

actually my Cache, Interface and WTF is only 250MB, so unless addons store stuff elsewhere, that is not the issue..

How big is the Cache in World of Warcraft/Data/ ?

the whole lot of 6,84GB

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